11/23 clock issue

Holm Tiffe holm at freibergnet.de
Fri Feb 13 02:49:58 CST 2015

Brent Hilpert wrote:


To clarify this up again:

My post to Noels problem was intended to help him repair that M8186 and
exacly this board. I've not meant that Noel should design his own CPU board
and should left unused inputs open or connected to Vcc. I've don't wanted
to discuss design considerations, I've stated this more then one times so
I don't understand why People here trying to mark my post as faulty,
regardless if my post has only todo with repair purposes.

Maybe the '240 is be bad and the fault is only found if one connect it
with a resistor to Vcc but such faults don't happen in reality or "not
likely". One has just to point me to a '240 with such a fault.

Yes, I know, all kind of unusual things could happen with semiconductors
if they get bad, but what the heck should Noel do to repair that thing?
Should he look with en electron beam microscope to the chip? To which chip?
Maybe the Oscillator is ok, but a copper trace on the pcb is burnt since a
tantalum capacitor has a short... maybe..
Remember, the '240's input was floating at approx 2 Volts, that's the
normal voltage that someone wil find on a life chip with an open input.

But why the heck you are trying here to find all kinds of unusal causes
only for the purpose that one cane state: "Holm's hint is bad!"?

I've tought that we are here for fun with old computers and repairing
old electronics and to help each other. I'm wrong it seems.

Sorry Brent, sorry Peter, the only thing that you are reached now is
that I'm now in the asshole mode, giving back what I've got here and since
you aren't interested in my opinion about your persons, why sould I worry
about yours about me?

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