Looking for RSTS/E and RSX-11 Software

Christian Gauger-Cosgrove captainkirk359 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 13 20:33:32 CST 2015

Hello all,

I'm looking for some good demonstration/fun software to run on my demo
RSX-11/M+ and RSTS/E systems.

I don't much mind what the software is so anything that can be
provided I'll probably find useful. In particular I'm looking for some
games. If it's of any consequence, I'm using RSX-11/M+ 4.6 BL87 and
RSTS/E 10.1-L.

Also, does anyone know if there's any other archives that have copies
of the RSTS/E and RSX-11 layered products than the Trailing Edge FTP?
(Particularly I'm interesting in getting DEC C on RSX-11/M+, but if I
recall correctly the tape image on the aforementioned archive is
corrupted. Also I'm looking for the WPS package for RSTS/E.)

Thank you to any who respond!

Christian M. Gauger-Cosgrove
Contact information available upon request.

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