Enormous Early Books/Docs/Software Collection available for the asking - FFS

Jason Scott jason at textfiles.com
Sat Feb 14 16:01:15 CST 2015

I am happy to take all of it or any part people don't want. They'll be
stored at the Internet Archive and ultimately digitized.
On Feb 14, 2015 3:33 PM, "steve shumaker" <shumaker at att.net> wrote:

> Finally, after 16 months of effort, Barry Dobyns' collection of early
> manuals, books and software is fully cataloged and available on a FREE for
> SHIPPING basis to the classic list group.  Barry is a reader here and you
> are welcome to query him directly on how this all came to be but rest
> assured that this offering is under his direction and with his approval!
> Al Kossow has also been involved from the beginning and  has reviewed and
> selected the materials he wanted for CHM.
> There are over 4000 individual items described in an Excel spreadsheet
> organized in two worksheets, one is generic and the second is exclusively
> media without supporting documentation.  To support the ...eclectic tastes
> of this group, I've also posted  the collection catalog as PDF files and as
> tab delimited text files.  If someone wants it in a different format, let
> me know.  The files are located at www.classiccmp.org  (thanks Jay!)  and
> the link is posted below.
> The descriptions are fairly detailed, with an eye towards their usability
> and/or collectible value.  In particular, media descriptions contain ALL
> writing present on the labels.  None of the media was mounted for a content
> review or a readability test so the label is all I know.
> Anything not finding a new home will probably go to the recycler at the
> end of this.
> OK.  the conditions to make this work without flooding the list:
> 1.  This has been a major effort to help Barry and this stuff is NOT being
> offered for sale  but I do expect reimbursement for shipping from 95006.
> (If your conscious bothers you and you just have to pay for something, I'll
> donate anything I get to a local cat rescue outfit.)
> 2.  Tell me what you want using the "seq #" that is the leftmost column
> for each item.  That will stay static if I update the list of items.
> 3.  Send me an email OFFLIST using   sjshumaker at att.net.   Note that is
> different than what I'm using here.  If I get more than one request for an
> item, it simply goes to the first person to ask based on email time stamp.
> 4.  I will send you a shipping cost.   I can do Paypal at
> sjshumaker at att.net,   USPS MO,   or whatever..   ask me in your email.
> 5.  I have a day job!  I have no idea what sort of response this will
> generate so be patient.  I will acknowledge ALL emails.
> 6.  FWIW, If anyone would like to come take the entire thing, it is 100+
> boxes of material located in Boulder Creek, CA.  Bring a box truck!
> Here is the link:
> http://www.classiccmp.org/sjsclassicdocs
> Steve

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