proper chemical / glue for 11/45 switch repair?

Jacob Ritorto jacob.ritorto at
Sat Feb 14 22:50:53 CST 2015

  One of the bit flip switches on my 11/45 front panel is broken.  It
snapped off cleanly at the pivot where the plastic meets the metal.  The
remnants of the two little plastic switch handle leg tips are still there,
in the metal switch housing.

  The fracture is clean and is such that they would fit perfectly back onto
the main hunk of the switch plastic, like new, if l could find the right
compound to get the pieces to re-meld into each other.  I guess model
airplanes used to employ this sort of melding technique I'm describing in
their construction, right?  But I have no idea of the chemistry involved --
whether pdp11 switch plastic is compatible with that sort of glue.

  I don't think I want something that just adheres, non-porously to the
bits because that would interfere with the operation of the switch pivot
point and there's no room for inaccuracy / spurting glue gobs in there.
The fracture is essentially _at_ the pivot.

  So my question: are these pdp11 switches the right sort of plastic for
this meld repair I'm describing?  If so, what's the chemical that I'd need
to make this happen?  Plain old model airplane glue?


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