proper chemical / glue for 11/45 switch repair?

tony duell ard at
Sun Feb 15 09:24:13 CST 2015

> An -11 owner would be able to say for certain, but the old model
> airplane solvent glue was methyl chloride.  It's also in a lot paint
> stripper as well.  "Tenax" model glue is a name that comes to mind.

In the UK, dichloromethane (same stuff) is sold under the brand name 
'Plastic Weld', It is _by far_ the best way of mending plastics that it will
disolve. And I think DEC front panel toggles fit into that category.

That said, trying to glue the pivot pins back on to the toggle is going
to be (IMHO) a waste of time. The area is just so small. Personally, I would
drill through the toggle (make sure it's in the exact right direction) and put 
a metal pin through.


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