Working Commodore 65 on eBay

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Feb 15 20:40:55 CST 2015

    > From: Glen Slick

    >> "jwsmobile" <jws at> wrote:

    >> Mr. 544 feedback is being trolled by 0 and 1 feedback idiots.

    > Ended at just under $23K USD

Interestingly, although the winning bidder was pushed up an extra 1K by one of
those feedback-1 trolls, there were a couple of real bidders right underneath
them. So that price is _basically_ real; three people all felt it was worth
roughly that.

It's so bizarre, the way some stuff is in such demand, and other stuff is
basically totally unwanted.

I told this guy:

there was no way he'd get that much for that set of cards, and he was like
'but some of this old computers stuff is going for a ton of money'. I was
like, 'For things which are in short supply, and in demand, yes; neither of
those is true of M8044/M8045's....' (Although for them, it's understandable;
there are plenty of higher-density QBUS memory cards going for not much.)


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