hp 7970E mag tape mounting

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Feb 16 08:09:20 CST 2015

My HP 7970E mounting bracket is at the fabricator, so hopefully copies will
be ready soon. I'll keep the folks posted that asked for a bracket. That
means if anyone wanted a mounting bracket but didn't respond to my earlier
post, you need to let me know by end of day today. It is unlikely that
another run will be done in the future.


Separately - on the other side of the 7970E tape chassis are three metal
shims. They are normally attached with glue to the back lip of the chassis
edge where it mounts to the rack on the right side. I have noticed over time
that on some drives one or more of these shims have come off and been lost.


Another listmember (THANK YOU) fabricated a few of these shims. If you need
these, I have a few extra that are available for the cost of mailing (aka
$0.00). Once I run out of those few, perhaps the listmember that fabricated
them would be willing to make a few more if there is a need.





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