WTB/WTT: SGI O2 and Indigo² items

MG mgariboldi at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 11:15:40 CST 2015


As of late I've been looking for the following parts for the following SGI

     - SGI Indigo²
         o    video-graphics flat/flexcables (very important, need it);
         o    IMPACT Video break-out cable;
         o    IMPACT Video stand-offs (10);
         o    IMPACT pull straps (3 sets, but 'just' 2 for HighIMPACT is 
                                                  fine for me);
         o    IMPACT Video screws (10 also, but not as important);
         o    IMPACT "Digital Media CD" (... or if someone could tell me
what's on there).

     - SGI O2
         o    blue optical (i.e. CD-ROM) drive bezel;
         o    black top lid;
         o    two or three disk sleds/brackets;
         o    analog A/V (AV1) module (not too important).

Interested to buy, but I have items to trade (compatible in/for SGI
O3000-series, for instance; like 10-Gbit Ethernet NICs).

Lastly, I'm located in the Netherlands.  Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


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