CompuServe posts within posts?

John Foust jfoust at
Mon Feb 16 18:48:03 CST 2015

I have mentioned that I kept my transcripts of my CompuServe surfing.  
I keep thinking about how I might adapt them to a web version to 
recreate forums.

I'm thinking about how to parse the posts.  I'm no doubt overthinking
for a rare case, but does anyone remember how CIS handled or allowed
quoting a post within a post?  Posts looked like:

  #: 23540 S7/Programming
      20-Jun-86  02:40:20
  Sb: #23526-MenuEd
  Fm: Larry Phillips/ICUG 74025,636
  To: David Milligan 70707,2521

  One other thing I might add. It would be SUPER if those writing editors for
  gadgets, et al, if they allowed output in assembler code for those of us who
  never passed our Cryptanalysis 101 course.

Did CIS reject quoting posts within posts, if only to prevent spoofing?

- John

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