Multi-node BBS'

Jason Howe jason at
Tue Feb 17 10:25:06 CST 2015

I just spoke with a guy who wrote and ran a popular BBS in the mid-late 
80's at Drew University, the Drew Underground.

The software was the 2am BBS, it ran initially on some number of Epson 
QX-16's, multiplexed to a single hard drive.  He had the following to 
say about it:

"Yes, I was the one that purchased and set it up sometime around 1985/6. 
It was a 70mb hard drive with an 8-port multiplexer sold by Bi-Tech. 
Came with a bunch of device drivers that required you to change some 
system settings to avoid disk caching in DOS, which could cause file 
corruption. We had to code a file locking system to prevent overwrites. 
Record locking became an OS feature later.

I think this ad is for the right device:

Thought it an interesting data point to add to the conversation.


On 02/17/2015 08:15 AM, John Many Jars wrote:
> The BBS The Garden of Eden in Phoenix ran on some weird custom software.
> It was dual line, on Apple ][ machines, connected together by serial cable
> I think...

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