Cat weasel Yahoo Group reclaim

jwsmobile jws at
Wed Feb 18 03:07:12 CST 2015

I set up a poll to select a moderator to replace the inactive moderation 
on the Catweasel group.  I know the owner / creator is probably on here, 
and I am doing this per Yahoo instructions to get rid of the spam.

I'm posting here briefly as I'm sure a lot have filtered out the group 
due to the spam.

Here is the poll link:

The information about this is in a couple of messages on the Yahoo 
groups site.    This is partly an effort to salvage the Catweasel group 
there, and partly an effort to see if Yahoo customer service follows 
thru.  So far they are communicating with me.  I'll let you all know how 
it goes.

I'll end the poll for a new moderator around the end of February, per 
their suggestion.


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