Anybody interested in a Tek 1240 Logic Analyzer ?

Jon Elson elson at
Fri Feb 20 11:52:47 CST 2015


I have a working Tektronix 1240 logic analyzer.  It has 3 
cards, one 1240D1  (100 MHz, 9 channel) and two 1240D2 (50 MHz,
18 channel), plus some ram packs and a Z-80 disasm.
I also have a full set of probe pods and spring clip lead sets
for it.

I do want to get a little money for it, maybe $100 plus 
Anybody interested?

(I have a much fancier analyzer here, so this has been 
sitting for
some years.  The only downsides to it are no net 
connectivity and
the display format can be a bit slow when zoomed out.  Also,
the memory depth is pretty small.  I forget, but maybe it is
512 samples or something like that.

my email is elson (at) pico (hyphen) systems (period) com


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