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The universal pictures props dept. has one you might be able to pay a visit to or rent.

> On Feb 24, 2015, at 21:39, sandy hamlet <steemer at dslextreme.com> wrote:
> I worked at Lexitron in the early seventies.
> The system I worked on was probably an earlier version as it didn't
> look as modern as the one in the pictures.
> I do remember the huge power supply to power all of the circuit boards
> which were loaded with discrete chips like: and, or, nand, and nor
> gates.
> Ther printer was an IBM electric typewriter with a bank of solenoids
> mounted above the keyboard.
> No microprocessors here!
> I'LL search my memorybanks to see if I can remember anything else.
>> On 2/22/15, Simon Claessen <simski at dds.nl> wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> I mailed about this last year, and got no response, so here again:
>> I'm looking for info on this very strange terminal/wordprocessor from
>> the early seventies:
>> http://aheckofa.com/FoolMeOnce/MiscScans/EarlyVideoWP400.png
>> https://hack42.nl/gallery/v/Museum/DSCF7634.JPG.html
>> http://aheckofa.com/FoolMeOnce/MiscScans/Lexitron500.png
>> as you see, there is not much info on the web about this very beautiful,
>> yet strange beast.
>> Unfortunately the picture tube is broken and we are missing the main
>> processing unit. It seems that the display used vector graphics as the
>> horizontal an vertical are identical in design and the normal raster
>> scanning generators are missing. the terminal connected with a 94 pin
>> connector to the main unit, being also fed power though this cable.
>> anyone
>> --
>> Met vriendelijke Groet,
>> Simon Claessen
>> drukknop.nl

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