DEC handbooks at LA estate sale

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This is actually an IBM Model B typewriter.  It is the older predecesor to 
the Selectric.

And, it is a more reliable and easier to interface device for the enthusiast 
to work with.  The key is finding an encoder/decoder on the underneath of 
the keys.  As far as I know, only Soroban made these devices.  Judging from 
the wires, I would guess that this typer has the Soroban (or equivalent 

I already have one, badly in need of rubber replacements.  That is the 
problem with older typewriters - the rubber breaks down into dry powder. 
The model B has a power roller of rubber.  It has an individual trip cam for 
each physical key, so loss of rubber means nothing works.

I'd guess that this one is from the mid-1960's or older!  (I spent many a 
long hour trying to keep these machines running, in the late 60's.  Can't 
say they are fond memories.  I do still have all the manuals, and Al has 
copied most of them.)

It would be nice to have for the spares, but I don't think it is worth the 
trip to purchase.  If you do go up, it would be worth $100-150 to me.  But 
don't make the trip just for the typer.

Thanks for letting me know about it.


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> There is an IO Selectric of the early type there.  Anyone know if it is 
> the 1620 console variety?
> Hopefully nudging Billy Pettit in case it would work for what he needs for 
> a project.
> No idea whether this will work or not, but here is a link to the image:
> There is a similarly derived link to the Dec books.  it is the last photo 
> / item in the gallery.
> I would hate to have to be in Brentwood @ 8am Saturday morning, but, it is 
> not out of the question for the right incentive.
> thanks
> Jim
> On 2/26/2015 11:39 PM, Brendan Shanks wrote:
>> Just a heads up for anyone around Los Angeles, I was browsing some local 
>> estate sale listings and saw one that had a big collection of DEC 
>> handbooks from the late-70s/80s: logic, software, microcomputer, 
>> peripherals, VAX software source book, VAX 
>> Architecture/Hardware/Software.
>> It’s the last two pictures at: 
>> <>
>> Brendan

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