3.5" floppy failure mode? Hub not attched to media.

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at philpem.me.uk
Sat Feb 28 15:28:58 CST 2015

On 28/02/15 19:17, Mike Stein wrote:
> No, I agree with you, Chuck; it seemed to be what Eric was suggesting
> though.
> BTW, I just tried gluing a cookie back to the hub with superglue; no
> problem.
> Couldn't read it of course, presumably because it's not aligned to the
> index; also, maybe mine is a different make from yours but the hub isn't
> conical and there is a tiny bit of radial play.
> So in that respect I have to agree with Eric that reading data off a
> cookie that's been reattached to the hub is a pretty iffy proposition,
> but if anyone does succeed I'm sure we'd all love to read about it.

I'm very curious what the magnetic trace data looks like, whether you're
getting anything valid at all. Do you have access to a DiscFerret,
Catweasel or Kryoflux type disc reader?

I'd be inclined to do a non-indexed read, then bash together some code
to realign things about the "real" index. If you know what the offset
is, you can just shift the flux transitions (think "ring buffer" or
"barrel shifter").

classiccmp at philpem.me.uk

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