Miscellaneous Freebies

Technobug technobug at prelim.org
Sat Feb 28 21:56:41 CST 2015

For years I've had a Digital 11/780 insignia pasted on the side of a  
Mac Power PC. To which many friends remarked that they thouught the  
780 was a much bigger box. Free to anyone willing to carry on the  

A number of years ago, someone stripped a Cypher tape deck and  
dropped it off the carcass at a recycler  friend. I got to strip what  
was left and the following sre aveilable as parts: No charge - not tas!

Head assy. pt # 966019-00101

BOT/EOT Sensor Assy. pt # 931599-101 Rev A

Tape presence detector assy. pt #980771

Capstan/Idler - rubber is still good

3 ea Idler  assy. pt # 4-400E (one has stuck bearing) - stainless steel

Photodector assy pt # 960062-101

Solenoid assy pt #961508-101

Idler assy pt #4-401D black plastic

Flex-circuit ass pt # 965973-001 rev 02

Flex-circuit ass [t #965972-001 rev 02

Idler (could be an erasing magnet) pt # 964261-001

Misc detctor of som sort - no pt #. Looks like it clipped over a rod.  
Two-pin connector.


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