SimH Help, was Re: Announcing TCP/IP for RSX-11M-PLUS

Kyle Owen kylevowen at
Thu Jan 15 22:58:29 CST 2015

On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 10:44 PM, Johnny Billquist <bqt at> wrote:

> I've done development and testing on three different machines.
> 1) E11 - Emulating an 11/74 - to make sure the code also works on
> multiprocessor PDP-11s.
> 2) Simh - Emulating a 11/94.
> 3) A real PDP-11/93.

Very cool. I only have a PDP-11/73 in my personal collection (not currently
booting), but an 11/20 and 11/34 are right down the street. Someday (maybe
soon) I'll get those fired up again.

As for memory, I hope you are aware that RSX reports memory in kilowords,
> not kilobytes. :-)

Doh...! No, I wasn't aware of that. In which case, SYSGEN apparently had no
problem detecting how much RAM was in the system! Thanks for that tidbit.

But anyway, why not go for a fully loaded machine when you have the chance?
> Slightly less than 4MB, or 2MW.

Well, I suppose if it's as easy as changing the config file and re-running
SYSGEN, I'll do it.

I'll check out that documentation pronto (Intro to RSX sounds like a great
start). Right now, I've been working on punched card reading on the PDP-8,
as well as emulating a VC8E. Sounds like I need to catch up on the 16-bit
realm for a change!

Thanks again,


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