Paper tape standard

Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at
Fri Jan 16 17:11:24 CST 2015

Some time in the future I would like to build an FPGA emulation of the Pegasus, complete with console switches, tape readers, tape punches and Creed Teleprinter. I have some of the parts  including a Creed Teleprinter and Creed Paper Tape reader, Post Office Switches for the console. I can't find a Creed 25 high speed punch so I will have to improvise and use one of my other punches.......

... if its ever completed I would be glad to run your program....


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Perhaps not quite the same, but when I bring my Teletype Model 33, connected to a DECSYSTEM-20 emulation, to DEC Legacy in April you can save a program on paper tape if you like.



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> I had a dream of creating a paper tape with a program I wrote on it 
> for the Pegasus computer at the Science Museum. If they ever turn it 
> on again, or another one crops up, I might not have any excuses left...
> On 16 January 2015 at 20:09, tony duell <ard at> wrote:
> >
> > >     OBA! I'm crazy for creating a paper reader/perfurator! :D This 
> > > is an
> > old
> > > dream of mine, although I have no specific computers who use it, 
> > > nor any specimen of perfored tape around. But I find it to be just 
> > > beautiful :)
> >
> > The reader is relatively easy to make at home, at least if you are 
> > happy with a photoelectric one. If you trigger off the feed holes, 
> > you don't need a sprocket drive, a capstan and pnch roller is fine. 
> > This is the sort of thing you can make in a good home workshop.
> >
> > The punch is a lot harder. Making the punch pins and die block, and 
> > then correctly grinding and hardening the former is not going to be easy.
> > Mechanically the rest may not look too hard (the Facit 4070 used a 
> > set of rotary solenoids and linkages, one per pin), but it is still 
> > a major project.
> >
> > -tony
> >

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