HP tape drive novel repair

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Wed Jan 21 08:11:53 CST 2015

Mike wrote...
HPDrive works well for RTE-6/VM.  I had it set up to emulate a 7925H, and
loaded it up with some additional software and games (everyone wants to play
games, even on a mini).  I had 3 login sessions going, one each on the
2645A, the 2647A and on the PC running QCTerm through a serial port.
I found a reseller offering "tested working 7925's in quantity". I just may
pick up a couple, but not cheap. Need more room to put them though.

I had the PC hidden under the table.  :-)
Good call :)

Someone needs to come up with the hardware equivalent of HPDrive so we don't
need to dedicate an entire Windoze system just to emulate a drive.
I am not 100% positive, but I think this was already done. Didn't Bob
Shannon build up an HP<->IDEdrive rig? Not sure if he did it just for
himself, or something that was available to the community. Bob isn't really
active in the classiccmp community at the moment but might be again "some
day". I think one issue is that half the folks insist on using an HPIB
interface which is of no use to the HP2000 folks (currently, that may
change). I don't recall if the drive was identical to one RTE supported or
if it needed a unique driver to support it. A modern board with a couple
7925's in FRAM would be rather nice ;) I can think of at least one other
interface cardset that would be "helpful" in such a product *grin*


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