Seeking an ECL monitor (preferably for a dimple-top Sun base) and Sun 3 Keyboard and Mouse

Peter Coghlan cctalk at
Tue Jan 27 15:19:07 CST 2015

Jochen Kunz wrote:
> Am 27.01.15 um 21:15 schrieb Ian Finder:
> > I fear, however, that this is a greyscale monitor designed to work with one
> > channel on a *color* Sun 3 framebuffer, and not necessarily a monochrome
> > ECL output.
> Most likely. The Sun ECL monitors I came across had DE9 or 13W3 inputs.
> Also note that the ECL signal is differential / symmetrical. This
> doesn't fit well to a BNC plug.

Is a 13W3 not going to be similarly unsuitable for differential signals if
the three coaxial inserts are used for the colour signals?  Or is the 13W3
an alternative input to ECL signals on the DE9?

> Once I owned a Sun gray scale monitor. It used a 13W3 connector. It came
> together with a SBus BW2. The later was available with DE9 ECL and 13W3
> analog output. But I used it with a CG6...

I have a Sun badged Sony Trinitron GDM 1604B40 monitor (part no. 365-1093-01)
with a 13W3 input (only) which I saved from a skip (dumpster) many years ago.
I don't have any Sun gear but I thought it might be good for spares for my
Digital VR297-D3 badged Sony GDM 1602 which looks almost identical to it.  It
has a sticker with "DEAD" written on it but this can't be completely true - as
far as I recall it at least made some attempt to power up.

Is this monitor likely to want ECL inputs?  There doesn't seem to be much
information about it out there.  Manx has a 6 page operating instructions
manual which consists of almost no information poorly translated into several
languages, for example "Do not place the unit near the equipment which
generates a magnetism such as a converter or high voltage power lines."
However, it does seem to hint that it is the same monitor as a GDM 1604B15
except for the mains power supply voltage.

Peter Coghlan.

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