Seeking an ECL monitor (preferably for a dimple-top Sun base) and Sun 3 Keyboard and Mouse

Jochen Kunz jkunz at
Wed Jan 28 15:31:52 CST 2015

Am 27.01.15 um 22:19 schrieb Peter Coghlan:
> Is a 13W3 not going to be similarly unsuitable for differential signals if
> the three coaxial inserts are used for the colour signals?  Or is the 13W3
> an alternative input to ECL signals on the DE9?
Sorry. I meant Sun monochrome monitors in general but wrote "ECL".
The ECL monitors have a DE9 input, the analog (actually gray scale)
monitors have 13W3. The gray input is on the green channel. Sync pins
etc. are the same as on the 13W3 color monitors. Therefore you can
connect them to a color frame buffer to get a gear scale monitor. You
can connect a color monitor to a BW2 with 13W3 output, but you will get
a green on black display. The BW2 doesn't feed red and blue.

>> > Once I owned a Sun gray scale monitor. It used a 13W3 connector. It came
>> > together with a SBus BW2. The later was available with DE9 ECL and 13W3
>> > analog output. But I used it with a CG6...
> I have a Sun badged Sony Trinitron GDM 1604B40 monitor
I had one of those too. It was a fixed frequency monitor. Don't expect
this thing to work on anything but a Sun frame buffer with the exact
matching timing.


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