out-of-mainstream minis

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu Jul 2 09:36:27 CDT 2015

> I share your favourite(s). In the danish IT-museum-to-be (www.datamuseum.dk) we have two 
> P857-based systems running. We have lots of spare parts and nearly all documentation, so
> if you need something, you are welcome to ask.

Unfortunately I don't own anything in that series :-(. What I have is : 

P850 in the 6U rack box. I have the CPU technical manual and user manuals for it. 

P851 in card cage with quite a bit of I/O and twin 8" floppies. I have the user manual, CPU and I/O
technical manuals and manuals for the floppy drive unit, including the CDC manual for the drives themselves

P854 in cardcage with floppy drives and hard disk controller. Alas the X1215 hard disk was scrapped before
I got it. I have a preliminary CPU technical manual, and of course I/O boards are the same as the P851 ones.

Quite a few spare boards including complete P851 and P854 CPU board sets, I/O, RAM, extender board,
prototyping boards (some have been used, I think I even have a brand new one), a single-chip P800 CPU, 
and so on.

The manuals I am looking for (some hope!) are : 

The full P854 CPU technical manual (the one I have does not include the microcode source, that is 'to be

Information on the hard disk controller for the X1215 in the P854 chassis. This is one eurocard with
an 8X305 or something on it. I have some handwritten notes + a block diagram nothing more.

P850 Core memory module technical manual

P850/855 series I/O board technical manuals.

It is possible I could get the manuals I have scanned if there is any serious interest


P850 I/O board technical manuals

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