seeking advice on moving PDP 11 and related gear

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Thu Jul 2 22:02:21 CDT 2015

I can't thank you all enough for the insightful information.  I was on the
phone for a good 2 hours last night talking to someone who broke down what
i needed to do step by step. The trailer being used is a uhaul 12x6
trailer, details here : ://

Im uncertain of how tall the racks are, from what was described on the
phone I should be able to lay the two racks down in the trailer. I have 2
friends coming to help for certain and may possibly be bringing a third
My friends are much stronger than I am, as long as i get the two racks
separated and the rl drives heads locked I think we should be able to get
it all in the trailer. Im going to wrap all the faces of the drives in
movers blankets so they do not get scuffed up,removing the side panels to
the racks, and bracing the glass on the tape drive with thick cardboard
covered with moving blankets to prevent it from getting scratched or

I was honestly planning from the start to take all of the drives and cpu
out of the racks, but if it can be laid down in the trailer and i dont have
to mess with pulling everything out of the rack and dealing with odd hidden
screws on the rails, then that's the way i will do it. I have the muscle
there to do it that way i might as well use them, setting it back up here
at home should be simple from that point.

Ill post back  before i leave for the trip to go pick it up, ill probably
have a big collection of pictures of the trip and the stuff i got that I
will share once i get back.


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>    I'd love to help! But look how my web skills are sharp! :o)
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