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Thu Jul 2 22:34:06 CDT 2015

> Grumpy old man here as well, but if you want to use certain sites
> (example: price out a new Mazda vehicle, pay certain health
> insurance) they simply will not work without the interactive
> razzle-dazzle.


I consider that yet another reason (as if I needed one) to not use
them.  I push back hard against organizations that try to insist on my
use of the Web; for the most part I simply have nothing to do with
them.  (As an example, I moved the pension fund money away from my
(now-ex-)employer's pension fund, in large part because, based on the
letters they sent me, they appeared to support no way other than the
Web for me to have anything to do with them.  Indeed, they had gone so
far down that road that it was somewhat difficult for me to find a
postal address to send the letter to.)

> FWIW, the last time I looked at BBC News with lynx (I had confused my
> laptop's X setup in a botched upgrade), man did it load fast :-)

Even then, not as fast as it could have, I daresay.  See my blah post
of 2009-10-06,
{ftp,http}://, for
a rant about another website's mishandling such things.

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