seeking advice on moving PDP 11 and related gear

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Jul 3 08:33:09 CDT 2015

    > From: Sean Caron

    > Anyone got a spare set of rails? 

It turns out the company that built rails for the 11's BITD is still in
business, and still selling rails. I don't think they still make the exact
model used on various -11's, but they have almost identical units.

(Now, whether they have holes in the right places, I'm not sure. I was going
to buy one to see if the coating on the modern ones looks to be the same
thing as the old ones, but they were kind of pricy - $130 or so, IIRC - so
I'm holding off at the moment.)

The company is General Devices, and you can see their slides here:

I think the model we'd want would be like the CTHS-124 or CTRS-124 or

They don't sell retail, but they gave me the name of a dealer who will:

  North America National Distributor
  1-800-4-NEWARK (1800-263-9275)

If you went this route, you'd probably have to replace both sides, but I
think they big issue would be the holes.


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