How many use old browsers (e.g. =< Netscape 4 or IE 6) as their ONLY source of web content?

Terry Stewart terry at
Fri Jul 3 17:02:17 CDT 2015

>It loads up fine using Mozilla/5.0 or SWB V1.1-12 based on Seamonkey
1.1.12 (or
>Looks grand in Lynx too.  Highlighting "IBM XT" and pressing enter
>the picture and displays it using XV as expected.

Great, thanks Peter.


>Well, define "properly".  Lynx gives me ("| " prefix added manually for
>email purposes)

Thanks Mouse.  At least the text shows up.


>I checked this site under WinXP and found no problems.  The software
>is very old, but a quick search did not locate the version.
>As I mentioned, I backup up my Win98SE system, then accessed all
>of the links under Netscape 7.2 without any problems

Thanks Jerome.

>Under WinXP, I looked over your page on emulators.  I don't know
i>f you consider the PDP-11 and the VAX as classic, but they were not

I think you've misunderstood the purpose of that page.  It only shows the
emulators of models I have in my "classic" collection.  It's not a list of
everything I would deem "classic" (which is a subjective term anyway).
Some of the computers in my collection not even I would consider worthy of
that term, although I do enjoy having them.

>Terry, I have not seem any response yet.  Did you see my reply?

When I woke up I did.  I was in bed sleeping.


Thanks for others who also responded.  I'm going ahead with what I proposed
and have converted my whole blog section to what I'd devised in the

Now to gradually work through the rest of the site.  The collection section
is already 1/2 done but I need to add the navigation links.



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