Altos ACS 8000-7 (8200) mainboard wanted / Shugart 4008 motor pulley

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Sat Jul 11 16:49:51 CDT 2015

Oh, yeah I get it - an in circuit emulator.  With my logic analyzer I
can also watch all the bus transactions (or directly on the CPU if needs
be) to see what is going on, as well.

I have an Intel MDS IV with an ICE for (IIRC) an 8051, but have never
used it for that purpose to date.


On 7/11/2015 2:42 PM, wulfman wrote:
> no not a software emulator  a hardware emulator you remove the Z80 and
> plug in a cable
> lets you step through the code test memory and run the board at full speed
> hardware emulators are for the debugging of the hardware.
> unlike software emulators that run on a host PC that let you run old
> software
> i have a ZAX Z80 emulator and a Applied microsystems Z80 emulator for
> just that purpose
> On 7/11/2015 8:32 AM, Jay Jaeger wrote:
>> I use emulators as well, and have written some, but I also enjoy working
>> with the real hardware.
>> The Altos ACS-8000 series are all Z80's .
>> JRJ
>> On 7/10/2015 10:05 PM, wulfman wrote:
>>> On 7/10/2015 7:50 PM, Jay Jaeger wrote:
>>>> Long story, but....
>>>> I recently acquired an Altos ACS 8000-2 with an 8100-01 mainboard (which
>>>> currently is not functioning).   Acquired it on eBay where it was
>>>> represented as an ACS-8000-7, along with an Altos 8000-7A 29MB hard disk
>>>> (a Shugart 4008).  The hard disk was fine, but the computer wasn't the
>>>> one shown in the photo.  (I arranged for a partial refund.  At least the
>>>> disk was the one in the photo.  ;) ).
>>>> I was wondering if anyone had an 8200 mainboard (the one with the logic
>>>> for the hard disk on it) that they would be willing to sell at an
>>>> affordable price?
>>>> Also, I have a second Shugart 4008 hard disk, but it was configured for
>>>> 50Hz - so the motor pulley is the wrong size.  Anyone out there have a
>>>> dead 4008 that they would be willing to have part with its motor pulley
>>>> and belt (and get the 50Hz set in return)?  (For example, I saw a
>>>> posting on youtube with a wobbly platter set that probably is a good
>>>> candidate...  ;) ).
>>>> Any tips on troubleshooting the mainboard on a double density Altos 8000
>>>> computer (mainboard 8100) would also be appreciated.  I have already
>>>> reseated the chips, polished the tarnish off some chips the apparently
>>>> had silver-plated pins, etc., to no avail.  Have dumped the ROM (2708).
>>>>  Next plan is to disassemble that, and slap a logic analyzer on "J2"
>>>> which has all of the bus signals on it.
>>>> Thanks in advance...
>>>> JRJ
>>> This is why i collect cpu emulators. I have almost every kind made. I do
>>> however need some jumper headers for a 68000 HMI unit
>>> thats set for 68008 mode but thats another story.
>>> what main CPU does this use, 8080 or a Z80 or ???

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