STSC APL*PLUS System for VAX VMS User's & Reference Manual

Mark Wickens mark at
Tue Jul 14 13:54:41 CDT 2015

Kind reader

I have two manuals labelled STSC APL*PLUS System for VAX VMS: User's 
Manual and Reference Manual which were sent to me a number of years ago 
as paper copies - I now have the ability to easily scan these into PDF 
Would these be of interest to anyone? There is a PC version archived 
here that might 
benefit from the additional documentation. I've contacted Lee about this.

I am interested if anyone has any history of this software (there are 
some general references out there about the STSC Mainframe and later PC 
versions) - and indeed if the software survived at all.

Was VAX/VMS APL based on this version?

Regards, Mark.

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