Front Panel Update

Tom Moss tomjmoss at
Tue Jul 14 17:18:46 CDT 2015

Hi Rod,

The only kit I'm aware of is Grant Stockly's. AFAIK he's not been replying
to emails for about five years. There's also Mike Douglas's Altair Clone,
but that panel won't fit.

Here's the scan:

Just to be clear, I'm only looking to get my existing panel re-stenciled,
but I believe there's a couple of folks on the VCForum who are looking for
new ones. I'm in England, so postage shouldn't be a problem for me.


On 14 July 2015 at 22:26, Rod Smallwood <rodsmallwood52 at>

> Hi Tom
>           I had thought somebody had done one (or it was part of a kit)
> However I cant find
> anything about it. So lets have a look at  your scan.
> Regards
> Rod
> On 14/07/2015 19:44, Tom Moss wrote:
>> Hi Rod,
>> Any chance I could commission you to do an Altair 8800 panel?
>> The silkscreen has almost completely worn off on mine, but I have a
>> high-quality scan of a good one.
>> -Tom
>> On 14 July 2015 at 19:20, Rod Smallwood <rodsmallwood52 at>
>> wrote:
>>  Hello Everybody
>>>                           In the course of doing the artwork for 8/e
>>> type B
>>> I have turned up some more variations.
>>> The list  now looks like this:
>>> 1. Switch position markings
>>> 2. Line round switch area
>>> 3. The EMA title block isolated from the other titles
>>> 4. Lines between groups of three lamps
>>> 5. lab8/e instead of pdp8/e
>>> So far I can't find any reasons as to why these variations seem to be
>>> random.
>>> The only thing that is not cosmetic is the two types of switch position.
>>> I am minded to add all of variatons (excluding lab8/e) because they seem
>>> progressive:
>>>      No line round the switch area    becomes     line round the switch
>>> area
>>>      EMA title attached                      becomes     EMA title
>>> detached
>>>      No lines between lamps             becomes     lines between lamps
>>> Then produce two versions based on the switch position
>>> The issue is of course small batch costs.
>>> Comments gentlemen please
>>> Rod

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