Wang Model 370

Earl Baugh earl at
Thu Jul 16 15:45:41 CDT 2015


Went on a rescue last night and while there were three machines I knew of
(a PDP-11 that I'll give more details on later, haven't looked at boards,
etc, since it was part of a
Particle Measuring System, an HP 85-ish machine and a slightly later HP
machine) there was one thing that I hadn't known about... (aside from the
very cool old GE 'scope that
the guy is keeping... )

A Wang Model 370 Calculating System with a Model 372 Data Storage System.

Gotta say this is the oldest thing I've picked up (1967 it came out).   No
idea if it powers up or not...
Definitely needs a cleaning (basement, fairly dusty unit) but before I did
anything, was wondering if there are any experts out there that have
worked on one of these before who'd be willing to share any helpful hints
on verifying this is working...



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