HP 2100 bulbs

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Mon Jul 20 10:59:15 CDT 2015

Greetings folks. I'm on a mission to get some replacement bulbs for my
2100A/S machines. The official part is 2140-0364 (38 of them per machine).
Google appears to indicate that an identical replacement is CM7361-200. One
of my old parts donor 2100's has both OL-783BP and OL-783BPC, but I don't
know if those are completely identical and the previous owner may have just
put something "close" in them instead (particularly important is estimated
life, the 2140-0364 are around 10,000 hours I think, other replacement parts
appear to be a lot less life-hours).


I'm not looking to replace just a few bulbs, as I have a few spares on hand
already. I'm looking to buy around 50 or 100 to just have inventory, and in
case I decide to fully restore the two 2100's that are currently donor
machines and get them fully running.


Has anyone already found a good source/price for these? Given the number of
bulbs per machine, cheaper is better :) I may have to go to one of those
bulk purchase parts places, in which case I'd probably need an order of 1000
or so. If I have to go that route, anyone with 2100's want spare bulb sets
and willing to go in with me on it?


Just as an FYI for HP bulb related stuff...


I just purchased 30 bulbs for my 7970E tape drive status lights. They were
$0.28 each bulb (sold in 10 packs for $2.81). Those were:

Eiko - 382 mini indicator lamp - 14 volt - 0.08 amp - T1.75 bulb - midget
flanged base


I just put in an order for the HP 2940 rack (these are the older
off-grey/greenish racks) power switch bulbs. those were:

GE & Eiko - 1819 sc1 - 28 volt - 40ma - T3.25, miniature bayonet (BA9s)





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