resurrecting the Intel iAPX-432 32-bit microprocessor

dwight dkelvey at
Wed Jul 22 09:02:56 CDT 2015

Hi Eric
 It sounds like your making progress on your 432 studies.
I recall trading a board with one of the 432 family parts with you
years ago for a disk drive unit.
It sounds like you've made progress since then.
I recall that everyone was thinking the military would switch to
ADA and the 432 was groomed for that.
It was believed that more correct software could be created that
way. At least the generals bought it.
What wasn't known or thought about at the time was that the
more serious errors in released code was a misunderstanding
of what the code was suppose to do and not so much how it was
doing it( at least, once you remove memory leaks  from the list ).
I'm curious, does anyone program in Ada?

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