Chromatics on ebay

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Thu Jul 23 11:30:58 CDT 2015

It was me.  Despite the listing being "local pickup only" the 
description notes that the seller's willing to arrange shipping (it just 
won't be cheap).  So I put in a lowball bid on it.  Did not expect to be 
the high bidder, definitely did not expect to be the only bidder.

That said, immediately after the auction ended, the seller contacted me 
and explained that he'd screwed up; he's new to eBay, couldn't figure 
out how to set a reserve (or an opening bid amount, apparently) and just 
couldn't let the thing go for $5.  Since I'm not completely heartless 
(just mostly) I'm trying to work something out with him, but we'll see; 
he seems to think it's worth a fortune -- I'm not so sure.  (Rare 
doesn't necessarily equate to worth and all that...)

If I do end up with the system, I'll dump the ROMs, etc.

- Josh

On 7/23/15 7:24 AM, Al Kossow wrote:
> did anyone here get this?
> I am interested in a firmware dump, but not enough to drive to socal 
> to get it.

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