First Computer Store

Richard Loken richardlo at
Fri Jul 24 10:18:26 CDT 2015

On Thu, 23 Jul 2015, Murray McCullough wrote:

> A momentus event happened 40 years ago around this time, July 1975,
> the world's first computer store opened in West Los Angeles, called
> Arrow Head Computer Store, tag-lined, 'The Computer Store'. It was
> opened by Dick Heiser. How time has flown by!

What did they sell in 1975?

I remember reading articles in "73 Magazine" circa 1976 about the
interesting things that could be done with an 8008, some 2102s, and 500
linear feet of wirewrap but I was doing broadcast elctronics maintenance for
a living and far more inclined to race bicycles than dabble in electronics
in my spare time.  Five years later I working in computing instead of
broadcasting and everthing started to change.

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