Front Panel Update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Mon Jun 8 07:19:41 CDT 2015

Hi All
              Since I released the picture of the first 8/e panel on 
Friday there has been a big response.
Its 12:45 local on Monday in the UK and I'm of to the silk screeners to 
collect the rest of the first batch and to arrange for more
to be printed as soon as I get the blanks from the plastics supplier.
I'll send out  what I have to fullfill as many of the orders I have so 
far as I can.

I have learned an awful lot just based on the inquires I have so far.
I see the following as requirements

      1.     Full size reproductions of the original panels useing the 
same methods.

      2.     High quality

      3.    Custom one off service for important restorations.

      4.     There's more demand than I thought.

      5.      So far its all been for DEC systems

And yes they would look good just hung on the wall

Next up an accurate reproduction of the bezel.

And after that a lamps and switches board when and if I solve the 
Stackpole switch levers issue.

Please send in your orders so I can allocate production/shipping slots.


Rod Smallwood

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