Rescue update: DEC RC-25s + / was Re: DEC cartridge ID

Mark J. Blair nf6x at
Mon Jun 8 09:54:43 CDT 2015

> On Jun 8, 2015, at 07:26, Mike Ross <tmfdmike at> wrote:
> Hmmm IBM used exactly the same trick - removable platter, with a fixed
> platter below it - in 1969 with rather larger platters on their 5440
> disk for the System/3... I have one of these; have had various things
> to fix (some still unfixed!) but the disks have been entirely
> reliable. Cartridges look very similar to RL02...

I haven't seen one of those drives in person, but in the picture it looks like they have about ten pounds of machined aluminum just in the latches that keep the light plastic pack dust cover from flying away. Heck, those latches look suitable for space station docking port latches. :)

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