Front Panel Update

Mon Jun 8 17:27:30 CDT 2015

yea I have only  seen the one 8S  we  got  
whereas  straight 8   back in the biz  days  79  to  90 something   had
 2 plexi  desktop  straight  8  ( one we  kept  <ser # 18  got  from 
stanford surplus stores w/ ato d  rack too) and the other we  sold to the guy that 
 has museum near  Yellowstone  aprox  25? years ago?  it had a  s/n  in  
the 200's ... it  had  come   from  an  az  state auction...   I was bidding 
against some damb ass  who   thought it was a pdp8 A  his  brother  could    
use  for  some cnc   tape  prep  thingingie... heh  heh    )
one straight 8 in  blue rack ( still have but the fright company 30  years 
ago lost the damn desk  for  it.)
3ea  straight 8 used  with  BEVATRON  that were rough  and  in hideous 
cabinets ( wish I still had...)
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It's  pretty rare. I have one too.

I've seen and heard of more straight 8s  than I have 8/S


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> 8s is  rare??   We have one.  Is there a an registry?    Ed#
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> On 6/8/2015 12:28 PM, Rod Smallwood  wrote:
>> Theres an 8/f which replaced the 8/e and has a similar  front panel with
>> extra markings
>> The 8/m - OEM no front  panel
>> The 8/I has different front panel
>> The 8/A is a  totally different box altogether
>> The 8/e was the big  seller with thousands shipped
> The 8/s was a small seller  with 10's of computers shipped.
> I got to play with both.
>  Ben.

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