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Mon Jun 8 17:30:56 CDT 2015

yea Will... things that fit under the workbench  can  languish   for  40  
years...  if it has to sit on  top  it may a a shorter lifespan....  Ed# 
_www.smecc.org_ (  
In a message dated 6/8/2015 3:18:35 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,  
wdonzelli at writes:

>  It's pretty rare. I have one too.
> I've seen and heard of more  straight 8s than I have 8/S

PDP-8/Ss used to be quite rare, but they  have been popping out of the
woodwork for some time now. I would venture to  say they are now more
extant that Straight-8s.

Small is  survivability.

PDP-8/S was my first computer, purchased for five bucks  from a guy I
met at a hamfest. That was thirty years ago, and started me on  this
whole computer history path. It is temperamental, but still  works.


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