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Mon Jun 8 22:14:49 CDT 2015

Ah!  the old  8S  ....thinking back on it  this  8S  was  from a  site  we 
were actually paid  to  haul  stuff away from as the land lord  had the 
building rented to a  new tenant. Date?   had  to be   in  1981 or  82.. 
we also  got a bunch of  CDC  washing machine early  disk drives that were  
6 megs or 10 megs that had  6  platters? and  truckloads of  old   tape 
readers junk power  supplies..
 I remember trying  to use it but alas to no  avail...  I would toggle in 
the boot and   go look at   it  and  it was all nonsense  when I would  read 
the display  back.  probably  bad  core  drivers!?
All this  talk has  me  curious about it  again... I  will have to pull it  
a!  the old  days!  Ed#
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bfranchuk at writes:

>  PDP-8/S was my first computer, purchased for five bucks from a guy I
>  met at a hamfest. That was thirty years ago, and started me on this
>  whole computer history path. It is temperamental, but still  works.
> --
>  Will

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