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ok  lets  start a list of them  by s/n and  for those  that have surviving 
sales docs let us   place sales dates  with  them   to give an snapshot  
sales  volume and   time.
I am going to try to get ours out of   the  tombs  to  spiff up  and  will 
pull  the  s/n at that  time 
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I made a  list from scanning classiccmp and Usenet groups.

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>>> Subject: Re: Front Panel  Update
>>> 8s is rare?? ? We have one. ?Is there  a an registry? ?
>>> Ed# ?smecc.org
>>> Ben.
>> I know of 17 PDP-8/S systems, including four  at the RICM.
>> The RICM has an OMD8S data-break and memory expansion  chassis for an
>> 8/S.
> Is there a registry somewhere  for PDP-8/S systems? Where is the list
> available and  maintained?
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