80 column (un)punched cards

Mike Stein mhs.stein at gmail.com
Tue Jun 9 22:52:11 CDT 2015

I just got rid of the last of my punched card 
equipment so I no longer need any blank cards; 
anybody out there need any?

1 box (2000) normal light buff (off-white) colour, 
around 500 of same with blue stripe, and several 
dozen of various colours, all with the normal 
numbers printed and "all unperforated - ha ha ha!" 
(obscure and lame reference to a line in Flanders 
and Swann's 'Have some Madeira, M'dear!' that was 
apparently too risque for the American sensibility 

Flanders and who?:

Back to cards; email off-list if you need any; 
guaranteed cheaper than eBay.


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