Looking for the Tek 465 of Logic Analysers

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Jun 12 15:52:08 CDT 2015

> * The HP 16500B and 16500C use a different '030 based logic board and also
> * Generally anything the "C" can do, the "B" can do and vice versa. The big
> difference between the two is that they switched from HP-HIL peripherals on
> the "B" to standard PS/2 peripherals on the "C", if you want to connect an
> external keyboard and mouse to use in lieu of or in conjunction with the
> touch screen; depending on what you have in your stash ... I happened to
> have a bunch of HIL mice and a HIL keyboard so HP-HIL on the "B" doesn't
> bug me.

I don't know if it works on these instruments, but there was an interface to
use a quadrature mouse on an HP-HIL system. 

> * IMO, the HP 1630 series and the Biomation K100 are pretty obsolescent and
> ... unless you already have one, or someone local to you is giving you
> one... I don't think they're really worth the cost of shipping unless you
> have some nostalgic attachment to a particular instrument.

As somebody who has both and uses them (and has no later analysers), I have
to disagree with you there. After all the OP was asking for the 'Tek 465 of logic
analysers' which suggests not the latest instruments. The HP1630 and Gould K100D
are easily fast enough for classic computer work (I've never had problems). They
also seem to be a lot better documented than later analysers (can you get 
schematics of later HPs? I seem to remember they are not in the manuals). The 
probe interface is also documented and quite simple. While I recomend only
getting a LA with the original pods, the ability to make custom pods has helped
me on several occasions. The inputs to both those LAs are simple differential 
ECL signals, easy to hack about with.


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