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> Al  if  you can  run him down and  find   s/n's  that would be
> great... what are the s/n's  at  CHM on their units?

There is an online catalog for CHM artifacts. Physical objects listed
include their serial numbers (if available).


Note: The Collection is still being cataloged. There are over 100,000
items in the CHM's collection and more are being added regularly. There
are a large team of Museum staff and volunteers devoted to cataloging -
but given the circumstances, the catalog is always "behind" ;)


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> On  6/10/15 12:11 PM, Michael Thompson wrote:
> >> I know of 17 PDP-8/S  systems, including four at the RICM.
> >
> Last I heard, John  Bordynuik still had one or two of them, but I
> haven't spoken to him in  years.

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