Ken Seefried seefriek at gmail.com
Sat Jun 13 20:18:19 CDT 2015

From: Sean Caron <scaron at umich.edu>
>I dunno, guys, that might be a little paranoid ... a lot of this
>stuff is big and heavy ... I just can't imagine a thief coming
>in and carting away PDP-11s, VAX-11s, RP/RL/TU drives,
>IBM mainframes, whole racks and the like

Nope.  My wife used to work in commercial real estate.  The building supers
that she was managing money for *routinely* had multi-hundred-pound to
multi-ton thefts of copper and other resalable material, often ripped out
of walls over the course of hours or days. Size/weight are *not* a deterrent to
a guy who is willing to steal an industrial air conditioning unit with a
meth-head buddy, a couple of strap wenches and a beat up pickup truck cart
it away in.

Now imagine I tell that same meth-head that I'd pay him 5 times as much as
scrap rates to steal something like what he's used to stealing, probably
better packaged, but in a residence (no security guards).

A touch of paranoia is apropos.



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