Altos ACS 8000-15A

Chris Osborn fozztexx at
Mon Jun 15 16:52:58 CDT 2015

On Jun 15, 2015, at 2:36 PM, Ian McLaughlin wrote:

> Does your reader have any other ‘brands’ of 2716 you could try?  What about trying to read it as a 2732? Looking at the pinouts it looks like the only difference is pin 21 which is Vpp (programming voltage) on a 2716 and A11 on a 2732.  You’ll get a 4k buffer but hopefully half of it will have your data…

I tried telling the reader I had several other brands of 2716 just to see if it made any difference, but it's always a buffer full of 00. Tried it as a 2732 and same thing. I'm sure the reader works with 2716 since I had no problem reading the 2716 from the Nintendo board.

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