Serial UNIBUS Repeater?

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Subject: Re: Serial UNIBUS Repeater?

> > [11/730]
> >
> >> for that slot (though one of the later front-loaders would probably fit). If you don't need an RL02 drive, then i
> >
> > That's what they did. There was a third (later) packaged system with the CPU, an R80 under it and a front
> > loading (Cipher F880) magtape on top. That is what mine started out as.
> Aha! I didn't know that. Makes a lot of sense, and takes up half the floor space compared to having a TU80 in a 
> second rack. I think the documentation I have predates that configuration option.

I guess magtape was more useful as a backup medium than the RL02...

> > I am not sure if I got the top panel but if I did it is no longer on the rack...
> If you do have it, I wonder if it would be hard to add hinges for easy access to a top expansion chassis?

Something tells me that top panel was hinged at the back...


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