Any DOS Gamers out there??

Jason Howe jason at
Mon Jun 15 01:04:02 CDT 2015

As with most stuff -- it depends.

A Pentium 200 MMX on an ATX board supporting DIMM modules with more PCI 
slots than ISA slots is less interesting to me that say a Pentium AT 
board that supports SIMMs.

I already have a 286 and a Pentium (on an AT board) setup for DOS games 
for their respective eras, so I don't really have a use myself.


On 06/14/2015 07:16 PM, Steven Landon wrote:
> Hey guys?
> Is there anyone that uses DOS and early Win9x Machines??   Ive got 
> about 4 of them that could use a home.. Ive wiped them all and put 
> FreeDOS on them.
> Ive got a number of early PCI and ISA VGA Cards and network cards as well
> Are these worth saving??
> Steve

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