6 historic tech items that were rescued from the trash

tony duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Jun 20 12:59:20 CDT 2015

> I have gotten some of my best stuff from the trash ... One day I will never

I suspect a lot of us have....

When I was at university I had official permision to skip-dive (dumpster dive). Got
all sorts of things. Pulled my HP2100A + 7900 drive + paper tape reader right out
of a skip. Nearly did my back in, but,,, 

Another time I got a nice AR88LF communications receiver.

Then there was the time I saw a load of HP stuff... I grabbed the H1350 graphics 
translator (lovely unit), etc. At the bottom was what looked to be an HP9825. Well,
I had one of those but I thought I could probably find a home for a second one. In 
any case I'd grab the I/O modules from it, and see if it contained any ROMs in the
front ports. So out it came. When I looked at it I realised it wasn't a 9825 at all,
it was the (much, much, rarer) 9831 (running BASIC not HPL) So of course I grabbed

But a lot of my finds came to me before they were thrown out. I was known for 
wanting just about any old electronic or computer gear.


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