Tru64 LSM

Benjamin Huntsman BHuntsman at
Sun Jun 21 19:43:57 CDT 2015

Hi there!
   Anyone remember much about Tru64 + LSM?  It's been a while since I've done much with Tru64, and I never used LSM before.
I got some new 36GB disks and am doing a fresh install, and wanted to mirror them with LSM, as the SCSI controller is not a RAID card.  
   Initially, the installer picked really stupid defaults, choosing to use only about 3GB of the 36GB available.  I was hoping to do something like have the LSM be in total control of the disk, with all filesystems and swap being on LSM volumes.  The LSM documentation says this would be called a "sliced" disk.  I'm a little rusty on my disklabel specifics, but the Tru64 docs seem to suggest that the 'a' slice is usually used for the / filesystem, 'c' is the whole disk, and g or h is usually used for the LSM private data.  

   So, my questions are:
   1. Is it possible to install to and boot from an LSM sliced disk (as opposed to an LSM "simple" disk)?
   2. Is it possible to have swap be on an LSM volume, or does it have to be on a slice (like dsk0b or something)
   3. Is the 'a' slice strictly required for anything?
   4. Would the best (or a good) way to go be to do something like a & b unused, c whole disk, g all the space except 2MB, and h 2MB for LSM data?

Thanks and sorry for the stupid questions!


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