HP 2113e Battery resistor

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at gmail.com
Mon Jun 22 13:44:18 CDT 2015

And I opened the pack up, and you are 100% right! It's just a plastic shell
containing 10 big C-size cells, 3.5 A.hr each, indeed from the time period
it must be NiCd! Now if I can find similar cells I will be able to
reconstruct the pack inside the same shell. It will even look like the
original. Thanks again.
"J. David Bryan" <jdbryan at acm.org> said

> On this machine the battery connectors are just two pronged, + and -,
> so no thermistor connection apparently. 
That marks it as an "A-version" power supply.

> I just need to find new small 12V lead batteries that fit. 
Note that the "A" supply used a 12 Volt nickel-cadmium battery pack (per 
page IXA-1 of the M/E/F-Series ERD), and the charger is a constant-current 
supply.  The pack is not broken down in the parts list but presumably would 
have contained ten 1.2-Volt cells.
The "B" supply used a 14 Volt lead-acid battery pack (ERD IXB-5), so seven 
2.0-Volt cells, and the charger is a constant-voltage supply.
If you use lead-acid batteries with the "A" power supply, you may wind up 
overcharging them and shortening their life.
-- Dave

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